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About Me

I am a recent graduate from the University of Colorado Denver. I graduated with a Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering and a certification in Cybersecurity and Secure Computing. During my time in school I explored many areas of computer science such as Web Development, Data Analysis, Video Game Design, Artificial Intelligence, and Cybersecurity. I have gained and learned knowledge on several concepts and I loved it. All of it. Not only have I worked with and learned about software. I have also worked with hardware components mainly in the area of IoT devices. I'm familiar with working with Arduinos and creating code for them.

I enjoy coding and programming in general and as you can see, I like to explore different fields in Computer Science. Above all, I love learning and since technology is always evolving; there's always something new to learn. I have a deep appreciation for software and technology as a whole; it's helped mankind advance in many ways and I want to be apart of that. Thank you for taking the time to view my portfolio!

In my free time I enjoy reading horror books mainly those by Stephen King. I am really big on movies! I enjoy watching superhero movies, action, adventure, horror, sci-fi, etc. True Crime podcasts are my go to on slow days when there isn't much to do.

  • Python
    Pandas, Numpy, Algorithms, and Space & Time Complexity
    Responsive Web Design [BootStrap, Grid, Flexbox]
  • C++
    Including C and C#
  • Javascript
    NodeJS [Express], ReactJS
  • Database
    MongoDB, mySQL
  • Cybersecurity
    Encrpytion and Decryption methods, Networking and Network Defense
  • Video Game Design
    Unity, Unreal Engine
  • Hardware
    Arduino, Circuit Boards, Soldering
  • E-Commerce Shopper | Whole Foods Market Denver, CO
    11/2020 - Present
  • • Verified quality and accuracy of items picked, while prioritizing both customer order accuracy and on time order completion.
    • Selected appropriate product substitutions for out-of-stock items based on product knowledge.
    • Packaged fragile and perishable merchandise for transport to ensure safe product delivery.
    • Memorized store layout to fulfill orders using shortest, most efficient route.
    • Maximized efficiency by scanning items quickly and completing as many as 20 orders per hour.
    • Reviewed customer orders closely to locate desired items and checked app regularly to identify any changes.
  • Assistant Store Manager | Amazon Denver, CO
    Nov 2019 - Nov 2020
    Prime Now Shopper
    Mar 2019 - Nov 2019
  • • Communicated issues and challenges to Area Manager and corporate leadership, providing possible solutions.
    • Applied performance data to evaluate and improve operations, targeting current business conditions and forecast needs.
    • Promoted professional growth and facilitated talent development of each associate to drive performance excellence.
    • Walked through store areas every week to identify and proactively resolve issues negatively impacting operations.
    • Conducted daily meetings to motivate staff members, address concerns and questions, plan improvements, and evaluate progress toward goals.
    • Supervised and evaluated staff of up to 20 different employees throughout the day. Enabling them to improve skills, achieve daily objectives and attain advancement.
  • Assitant Store Manager | Scrubs and Beyond Aurora, CO
    Feb 2018 - Jan 2019
  • • Worked with several medical facilities, placing group orders, individual special orders, group embroidery.
    • Job also required communication through email and telephone. As well as being able to operate and navigate through computer software, organizational skills, and filing appropriate paperwork.
    • Started up as a sales floor associate and earned Assistant Store Manager position within one year.
    • Maintained positive customer relationships by responding quickly to customer service inquiries.
    • Managed opening and closing procedures and recommended changes to enhance efficiency of daily activities.
    • Rotated merchandise and displays to feature new products and promotions.
    • Promoted professional growth and facilitated talent development of each associate to drive performance excellence.
  • 2023
    B.S. Computer Science and Engineering from University of Colorado Denver
  • Certificate of Cybersecurity and Secure Computing
  • Relevant Course Work
    Logic Design, Discrete Structures, Object Oriented Programming, Data Structures, Game Design and Development, IoT Devices, Assembly Language, Database System Concepts, Computer Networks, Algorithms, Cybersecurity Principles, Operating System Concepts, Software Engineering, Hardware-Software Interface, Intro to Artificial Intelligence, Computer Game Design and Programming, Computer Graphics, Data Science, Computer Architecture, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Defense
  • 2019
    Associates of Arts from Community College of Aurora

My Projects


To-Doit is a simple To-Do list that allows you to keep track of your day to day tasks. It also allows you to view your tasks for the week. It was created as a proof of concept to solidify my learning with utilizing NodeJS, Express, and EJS for templating information.

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Ani-lyst is a website that uses the Jikan REST API which contains a database of of information on Anime. This website was created in order to learn about how to manipulate and use the information sent from the server and be able to display it to the end user in a simple and easy to read manner.

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Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt is a 3D first person game. Where the objective is to locate items that are randomly placed around the map. In the map you will also find portals that will lead you to puzzle rooms which award the player with a bonus item upon successful completion of the puzzle. What makes Scavenger Hunt interesting is it is also a procedurally generated game meaning the map generated will almost never be the same twice.

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